masked – austin art board submission

If you’ve been to Austin you might have noticed some unusual billboards around town that look like artwork instead of advertisements. These are the Austin Art Boards, a juried competition for Austin artists. This year I decided to enter, and it proved quite a fun challenge. I didn’t have an existing photo that would work for the required size, so I came up with a concept and styling and created something new. There were over 300 submissions, and I wasn’t chosen, but I’m excited to try again next year.


Steel face mask made by Oliver Renold, Austin, TX
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negatives are positive

I found some old uncut film negatives and decided to play around with them. These are from a snowboarding trip in Telluride, CO, where I hit a patch of ice on the second run of the first day and broke my arm, because I’m graceful like that. It hurt to hold the camera, and I didn’t have a tripod with me, but I sort of propped it up and tried to take photos anyway.

I didn’t have anything specific in mind when I started this set, but at some point I decided to try getting the three main scenes – mountains in the daytime, sunset over the mountains, and fireworks over Telluride – all in one photo. That turned out to be harder than I thought, due to the film being rolled up in a box for years. It was like trying to pose a Slinky.

Film Roll Scenes

Negatives? Is that like Instagram?

Sunset over Telluride

Double the sunsets

Telluride Vacation on Film

So close! You can barely see the sunset at the top right.

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i’m not easily distract…ooh, shiny!

Anyone who knows me well can tell you how much I love almost everything that’s shiny or sparkly. I even once had a boss who called me “magpie.” Recently a friend of mine traveled to India on a business trip and brought these bracelets back for me. I immediately set them up next to a window to use them for two of my favorite things: bokeh and macro. Fortunately, I also have a piece of navy fabric with gold threads from India that provided a perfect backdrop and more bokeh in the background. The photos came out exactly as I’d envisioned, and if you’re a fellow photographer, you know that can be a major accomplishment!

Indian bracelet macro with bokeh 1

Ooh, shiny!

Indian bracelet macro with bokeh 2

Bracelets too small to wear? Perfect for photos.

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a food truck by any other name…

My husband and I were walking to Austin’s Bat Fest 2012 when we came upon this colorful scene. I loved the red and yellow theme, the people relaxing and eating, and the super shiny food truck/trailer.


It looked so nice, we wanted to stop and eat

After Bat Fest we walked by again, and since the lights and neon sign were on, I took another photo.


A lovely night scene

As I turned around from that shot, I saw the sign with the name of the trailer…


Oh yes they did!

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regina pizzeria

Regina Pizzeria

Regina Pizzeria's neon sign in Boston, Massachusetts

Regina Pizzeria

Regina Pizzeria glowing at night

Regina Pizzeria-grunge

Regina Pizzeria Grunge

Regina Pizzeria

"Regina Pizza" neon sign reflected in rain water

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south padre island sunrise

South Padre, Texas - Sunrise

The sun breaks through the clouds during sunrise at South Padre Island, TX

South Padre, Texas - Sunrise

The sun just after sunrise, highlighting the ocean waves and sandy beach

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south padre island sunset

South Padre Texas Sunset

A beautiful sailboat glides by during the golden hour before sunset.

Sailboat Silhouette

Silhouette of a sailboat in front of the setting sun.

Ocean Sunset

The sun appears to melt into the water at sunset.

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texas wildflowers

Indian Blankets in the Sun

Indian Blankets in the Sun

Indian Blankets in Sepia

Indian Blankets in Sepia with Sun Flare

Indian Blankets Backlit

Indian Blankets Backlit by the Sun

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harvard university

People Chillin' at Harvard

People relax in the nice weather on the lawn at Harvard University.

Harvard Memorial Hall black & white

Harvard Memorial Hall

Harvard Widener Library

Harvard University's Widener Library

Henry Moore Sculpture

Henry Moore sculpture "Large Four Piece Reclining Figure" at Harvard

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spring flowers and showers

Last year, my husband brought home these sad-looking, scraggly trees that were on clearance at Home Depot. I made fun of them for months. Turns out they’re Mexican Plum trees, and as soon as spring hit (in February!) all these little white blooms popped out. I love them now.

Mexican Plum Tree Flowers

Mexican Plum Tree Flower Macro

Mexican Plum Tree Flowers

Mexican Plum Tree Flower Macro Black & White

A couple of weeks later, we had a thunderstorm that swept the blooms away and left stems with raindrops all over them. Another photo op!

Raindrops Macro

Flowers and Raindrops After a Storm

Raindrops Macro

Flower and Raindrops After a Storm

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